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» Achilles in the age of metal (Manowar, The Triumph of Steel, 1992), by Eleonora Cavallini

Bob Dylan's album Blonde on blonde (1966) contains the track Temporary like Achilles, a sort of modern serenade which a poor man in love sings outside the door of his beloved one, with the only result of being unmercifully excluded by her. <continue reading>

» Interview with David DeFeis (Virgin Steele) about The House of Atreus, Club Siddharta (Prato, Italy), April 28th 2007. Questions by: Elena Liverani (University of Ferrara, Italy). Interpreter/translator: Michele Bludnik

Q: First of all, you are interested in Greek literature and Greek mythology, right?
A: Greek, Roman, Sumerian, anything that is preorganized Religion. I'm more interested in organized religion in its exten...<continue reading>

» W. S. Burroughs, Brian Jones and the Pipes of Pan of Joujouka by Eleonora Cavallini

The Pipes of Pan of Joujouka (Marocco) are a musical group, which it would be unfair to label as "folklore music". In 1950, they were discovered by American writer and painter Brion Gysin, who was stupefied by the stunning attitude of the group to create a mystic state of trance. <continue reading>

» Diegetic music. From Greek tragedy to dogma `95 by "Bibi" Bozzato

There is a habit to view the soundtrack as an irremovable aspect in the experience of a dramatic product. This is in fact a custom, which, in some cases, has been transformed into a rule (now written, now implicitly accepted), and no form of show seems to be prepared to give it up: from theatrical performances up to, for obvious reasons, dance in all its forms. <continue reading>

» The mystery of the instant by Issam Krimi, translated by Elisabetta Zoni

The instant has its own mysteries. As the only experience of reality, which the past and the future are unable to offer, it questions me. My readings, therefore, are not motivated by a search for roots, nor by a will to define a hypothetical tomorrow, but rather by an in-depth exploration of these celebrated mysteries. <continue reading>


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